Discover Why Hosting Events Is Important in a Cookieless Future

The cookieless future is poised to significantly impact marketing strategies in the near future. Without cookies, it will become more difficult to gather targeted data that can drive your marketing and advertising.

Prepare for a Cookieless World Now

With third-party cookies planned for phase-out by 2024, it’s important to prepare your marketing strategy for cookieless tracking that doesn’t rely on third-party data.

In our guide, you’ll find:

  • The cookieless future’s impact on marketing
  • The value of event data as an alternative to third-party cookies
  • Strategies for collecting first-party data from event attendees
  • Reasons to host events in a cookieless future

Hosting events can be a priceless tool for your marketing while enhancing interactions with consumers. Let the team at Bishop-McCann help plan your next event to boost your brand and collect valuable first-party data to ensure your marketing strategies are a success.

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